“Don’t stop believing!”

Here’s a little story I felt inspired to share on my new blog about ways angels communicate with us.

So, unless you’ve been living on another planet for the last couple of decades, chances are that you’ve probably heard of the song: “Don’t stop believing” by the band Journey, right? So this little story is about my connection to this song.

Last spring (2018) was a very trying time for me. For very personal reasons I will not share on here, I left most of my life behind and moved back to my home town (a small town of Quebec). Left a husband, let a house, let my pets, left my business with all of the clients involved, etc etc. It was quite the move in my life, but it had to be done. My life was about to get the best of me.

Not too sure how I was going to begin this brand new chapter of my life yet, I decided to simply take all of the summer off for myself, to meditate, to reconnect with myself, rediscover my true life purpose, etc. I believe that being a highly spiritually connected individual like myself is what saved me from going down the deep end through all this. Because of my core beliefs and my die-hard faith in God, this experience rather propelled me to new heights in terms of my spirituality and is one of the reason I actually have this blog today.

During that summer, it seemed that God was pushing me to my absolute limits, testing me, yet I had never been so close to Him. At every turn, whenever I was ready to give up and accept I was never going to find my way, He was there, waiting for me with yet another sign (over and over) to remind to keep the faith to trust in his master plan, and so I did. I kept the faith. I kept my faith that He would help me know whether I should stay to this city of go back to Ottawa, that he would lead me to the job I was meant to have, the place I was meant to live in, etc. And He sure didn’t disappoint me.

Whenever I felt the most hopeless or sad, I would suddenly hear the song “Don’t stop believing” , among other meaningful songs as well, at the radio, at the mall, playing in the bank, anywhere.. to the point where I could not deny that I was clearly being told to just go on, trust in my angels and keep believing. Believing that there was better ahead for me. And so I did.

Last year, in the middle of August, I was in Ottawa and was staying at a couple of friends’ house while I was looking around for opportunities for new work and for places to live. I had finally been able to make my decision about going back to this town in spite of everything that had happened but I felt a little discouraged at that particular moment. I wasn’t too optimistic about finding a job I would enjoy or a place that suited my budget at the time. I also had plans to possibly meet a friend on the Friday or the Saturday night but nothing was really set in stone so, I simply decided to go treat myself to a nice hair cut to feel better and so I went to find a hair dresser. This fantastic hair dresser (which is still my hairdresser today, by the way) is from the Philippines. During one of our conversations, I remembered about a documentary I had just seen about the band Journey and so I told him about their new singer being from that country, etc etc. He then mentioned the song “Don’t stop believing” and so I go on to tell him that it is one of my favorites too, of course (for many reasons!).

He goes on about asking me about my plans for the night, saying, such a pretty girl with nice hair like should go on a nice date! lol So, I say, well.. there is someone I might get to see this weekend but I’m not really sure yet.. He says: Well anyhow, I hope you’ll have fun no matter what you do.. And he then takes me to the sink to rinse my hair quickly. As I’m sitting there and thinking about what we just discussed and wonder whether I should make other plans or stay quiet at my friend’s house.. I start hearing THE SONG playing loudly in the speaker just above my head and my hair dresser’s head!.. He actually jumps 2 feet : HEY!! THIS IS THE SONG! THIS IS JOURNEY!! OMG OMG!!! I just burst out laughing, cause you know at this point, the kind of relationship I have established with my angels in my life is one where I can simply say : “Aww, you guys! You guys are just too much now lol stop it! haha” but well, I still keep this kind of comment to myself, and say it in my head, obviously ..lol But, my hair dresser’s reaction to such synchronicity was way over the top! I guess I had never realized how much more used to this kind of signs I am used to getting everyday.. noticing all kind of messages left and right.. To me, its totally typical, not even worth mentioning.

And, just as a side note here, I did end up seeing that friend after all, against all odds.. And it was a great night, I will never forget it, especially given the circumstances. Now, hear this..fast forward 1 month and I’m casually telling this friend that I’m finally moving back to Ottawa after all because I’m getting tired of this small town I am living in.. His response: “she’s just a small town girl..” !! to which I obviously respond: “haha, can’t believe you just mention this song.. omg..” (meanwhile he has no clue what I’m referring to..) But, to me there’s no such thing as coincidences in life so I took it yet as another conformation that I was making the right move. So finally, my take away here is that no matter what I was going through in my darkest hours.. I got told over and over that I should keep believing. And I did and let me tell you, today, about 1 year later, I have a job I absolutely love and work with people that feel like family, I have a new place of my own that could not be any better, I am closer to my family than ever before (even though we live in different cities), I have a business that truly fulfills me in every way (my tarot business), I have friends that I would not trade for all the money in the world and I know with all of my heart that I will get to experience a great love story when its my time, and it will just be the damn cherry on the sundae!! I have not one worry in the world. Let me tell you how 1 year can make a difference in your life, how different your life can look, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years from now.. it’s simply amazing. So, don’t be scared of the unknown, if you’re feeling guided to make a change in your life, trust in God, make that change, place your destiny in God’s hand and never ever stop believing. He will not disappoint you, especially if you watch for his guidance through all of it.

Much love,

Queen of Wands


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