Being a Psychic Reader: What is it really like?

I thought it might be interesting to enlighten a few people out there who aren’t exactly sure what it really means to be a “psychic” and what it means to possess extrasensory abilities.

First of all, I am certainly NOT going to speak for other psychics here, only for myself, my own core beliefs and my own personal experience. Every psychic is uniquely gifted therefore every psychic’s perspective can slightly differ on the topic.

Now, before I get any further on this topic it is important to understand that most humans have the ability to use what we call a sixth sense or intuition, and it can be more developed in some people because of different factors such as genetic, practice or something as simple as healthy eating, etc.

As a matter of fact, all living things have intuition and MOST animals have much greater intuition than most humans or what we call “animal instinct”. The reason why civilized humans have lost most of their “instinct” or “intuition” is because it simply got replaced by society conditioning and programming.

We do not need to stop and “feel” what we think we should do in any given situation. Since our childhood, we simply did what our parents said we needed to do, what our teacher said we needed to do, what our boss said or what we heard it in a TV commercial. Basically, for most if not every question we ask ourselves throughout our life, society already has a prepared answer on what we should do.. leaving very little space to learn to develop that sense of intuition.

Bird building its nest

Intuition or instinct is simply knowing without needing to use the rational thinking mind. It’s that knowing that comes from deep within. It’s a knowing that comes from beyond the earthly plane, that comes from that infinite source of knowledge that is called the divine. Being connected to the divine/to source/to God is having access to that knowledge. Most animals do not possess a rational thinking mind but it does not mean they are less intelligent, quite the contrary. They are connected to Source at all times and do not need to think before doing anything, they just do it. They never worry about the past or the future, they live each moment as it comes, they are solely and completely in the present moment. For some humans, it takes years and years of spirituality practice to learn to live in the present moment and do something animals do naturally every day. We have a lot to learn from them.

That being said, are there people out there who possess intuition beyond the average person and are what we call psychics?
Yes, absolutely.

BUT, to me, having such abilities certainly does not mean being more “powerful” than any other human being. I personally believe (know) that God created the world and every creature in it so ultimately, it is completely out of our control whether to have these abilities or not. Certain individuals like myself are simply chosen to be used as “channels” to relaying specific messages directly from the divine to whomever needs to hear these messages for reasons that are beyond me. It is my purpose just like someone else’s purpose can be to save lives in an hospital or be someone very funny to make other people laugh. Each of us has a very important role to play for our destiny’s and other people’s around us.

It certainly is a wonderful God-given gift but the same way you are given a gift, the same way it can be taken away from you if you misbehave. God is ultimately the one in control and this gift is only given to be of service to others for the greater good. Why would not a psychic buy a winning lottery ticket? Because we can’t to use it that way, that is not the purpose of that gift. It is not a self-serving ability. And to use it such fashion would be risking to lose that special gift.

Jesus’ Humble Physical Touch: washing the feet of his Disciples

I would even say that getting in touch with God is the only way to get in touch with your psychic abilities. If you are someone who would like to improve their already existing abilities, my only suggestion would be to continuously strive to be a better person, prove yourself to God as a spiritual being and pray for your guardian angels and spirit guides to get in touch with you more often. They are the ones who provide you with these messages. For those of you who are Christian, you can also think of Jesus as the greatest and most memorable messenger for Spirit in the history of humanity. He had also been granted with many different abilities such as healing among others, because of his closeness with God. He had great humility and was never self-serving.

Now, if I use my ability and ask for money..? Is it really not self-serving? Money is energy just like I am energy and you are energy. Therefore, it is not self-serving to demand an equal exchange of energy. Money has value, yes. But, so do these messages. It is unfortunate that the reputation of psychic has been tarnished over the years because of dishonest over-charging “pseudo-psychics” but there are still some of us out there who really hope to make even the slightest difference in your life because of an important message we can relay to you straight from above.

On a side note, I would like to point out that if you ever met a psychic that you would know to genuinely be a person with bad vibes or bad energies, I would highly doubt this person to possess any real psychic abilities coming from the divine. People who perform black magic and use rather evil energies to gain powers should be very careful and I would personally stay far away from them. Make sure the psychic you interact with is connected to the light, not the darkness.

Sometimes, I wish I could tell everyone exactly what to do: NOT to get in that car that night, NOT to date this person or which better actions to take to invest their money, etc. But, we all have difficulties we need to go through and lessons we need to learn in this lifetime and even the best psychic is in no position to help you get away from the divine plan for your life. Every messages I deliver is ALL and ONLY what your own guardian angels and spirit guides are allowing me to tell you and what you are allowed to know in order to help you on your own personal life path already set out for you.

Finally, the most important message I get from the other side that I can share with everyone is that all these people who have left you life are fine, they are absolutely ok and they are with you, listening to you and they like when you think or talk to them BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY they don’t want you to be scared or sad or stressed out, they want to tell you to fully enjoy this life while you are living it, every little moment without stressing too much the small stuff and when it is over you’ll see you’ll be fine too.

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