Some find calm through meditation, yoga, or a relaxing hobby, and while these activities are healthy for the mind and body, tarot may provide specific clarity to the troubles that we face. I use the cards to better understand the hidden subconscious layers that are often masked in superficial anxieties. Tarot reading for me is a true calling more than a simple business and I wish to use my gift to provide a positive outcome for you and your life.

In-person reading (At-home)

This price includes two readings for 2 people (60 min in total) and is for Ottawa, ON residents only. You will be getting insights on most areas of your life such as love, career, etc. $35/person up to 4 people per appointment. To book your session using visit :


6-Card Spread (Online)

This reading is to get insights on one specific matter or one specific area of your life such as love, career, etc.


In-Depth Reading (Online)

This reading includes 2 or more spreads of 12-15 cards that will cover most areas of your life.


I do not provide any refund unless I am unable to provide the reading within a reasonable time frame.

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